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Puerto Rico Medical Tourism
Our Island – Your World of Opportunity

What was once our secret  quality care, affordable costs and an attractive, yet unique destination – is now yours to enjoy and prosper from.

About The Webcast

Too far-flung to feel American and, yet, to many, too familiar to feel like a different country, the shifting face of Puerto Rico - great restaurants, world-class hotels, tropical white-sand beaches and a vibrant way of life - has a look that appeals to the medical tourism industry. See for yourself!

Learn why you should warm up to healthcare and tourism services in Puerto Rico and hear how public officials are joining with private entrepreneurs to revitalize the Caribbean island into a hub for medical tourism. Then decide what Puerto Rico can be for you.

You'll Learn

What are Puerto Rico's strengths and areas for growth;
How Puerto Rico compares and differs from destinations in Latin-America;
Who are the key industry players - including hospital administrators, physicians, government policymakers, insurance executives and travel and hospitality interests - and their interdisciplinary relationships in the public and private sectors;

Why Puerto Rico is positioned to attract investment and become a prime destination for medical tourism;

Where you fit into Puerto Rico strategies and initiatives. 





Cristina Cardona is Executive Global Program Manager for the Medical Tourism Association®. In this leadership role, she oversees complex initiatives in medical quality and affordability; clinical program development and innovation. She works with leadership and professional staff to support destination branding and health tourism programs and certification for hospitals, government organizations and related hospitality and travel interests.


Cristina Cardona
Executive Global Program Manager
Medical Tourism Association

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Why Puerto Rico

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Medical Tourism Educational Webcasts


Puerto Rico 
Medical Tourism
Our Island – Your World of Opportunity

Presented By:

Francisco G. Bonet 
Executive Director
Puerto Rico Medical Tourism Corporation

Francisco G. Bonet received a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and International Relations, as well as a Master’s Degree in International Business. He has taken courses specializing in Asian commerce at the University of Communications of Beijing in China.  He has over ten years of experience in both the public and private sector.  Previous titles include Director of Operations and Specialized Markets at the Puerto Rico Tourism Company, Programs and Strategic Alliances Director at the Puerto Rico Trade Company and International Commerce Specialist in the same agency.

Mr. Bonet has worked with the development of medical tourism in Puerto Rico in the public and private sectors for the past years. As executive director of the Puerto Rico Medical Tourism Corporation, he is now developing the structure to convert Puerto Rico as a top medical tourism destination for patients in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. 

Dr. Omar Cruz graduated from the Dental School of the University of Puerto Rico in 2003. He continued studies in the United States at the Harvard University, making a specialization in Prosthodontics and graduating in 2006. Also, during that same period, Dr. Cruz earned a Master's Degree in Oral Biology from Harvard University as well.

From 2006 to 2012, he worked in private practice in prosthodontics at the Michigan Ave. Dental Group. In 2011, Dr. Cruz founded with over 25,000 visits so far this year. He returned to Puerto Rico in 2013 and established his own office, Ashford Dental, located in the area of Condado, San Juan. Ashford Dental is a fully digital office, with three specialists in prosthodontics, endodontics and periodontics. 

Presented By:

Omar Cruz, DMD MMSc
Ashford Dental


Mr. José Luis Rodríguez, MHSA Executive Director - Hospital Pavia Santurce
Mr. Guillermo Martin, VP of Operations - Metro Pavia Health System
Ms. Renee Marie Stephano, President - Medical Tourism Association (MTA)
Hon. Alberto Bacó Bagué, Secretary - Puerto Rico's Dept. of Economic Development
Mr. Francisco Bonet, Executive Director - Puerto Rico's Medical Tourism Corporation

11 Healthcare Providers in Puerto Rico Certified in International Patient Services 
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